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The birth of a myth
At Yongkang Lu Art 53 - YK art space
This exhibition is a case study questioning how long are we interested and how much do we want to know about the matters that might not be directly related to us.
1 curator, 3 searchers, 6 artists and n writters
The house
At Yongkang Lu Art 57 - ifa²gallery
The house shows a collection of close to real-size household portraits. To memorize the moments where things/objects are playing a key role.

participating artists:
Gu Qingwen 鼓晴文, Christin Kalweit, Liu Lei 刘磊, Lu Jun 陆钧, Sha Qin 沙琴, Shen Lin 深林, Xu Yihan 徐义涵, Wang Sheng 王胜
curator: Zane Mellupe
a poem from the earth
At Yongkang Lu Art 57 - ifa²gallery

Nguyễn Minh Thàn proposes an oeuvre softer in appearance, more peaceful, with a floating and poetical sensation. It is strongly tied to Buddhism, where the human or physical representations may vary, yet where the soul is unique.

Nguyễn Quang Huy has a close relationship with women and he has paid various tributes to his mother and mother figure. His birth in a pagoda may explain his preoccupation with the concept of life and life cycles.

big GUY
At Yongkang Lu Art 53 - YK art space

The wish for toys to have their enlarged models may quite possibly originate from cartoons we saw during our childhood, when huge heroes saved the world and became our idols. As we hold various beliefs during different stages of our life, we sometimes make large sculptures based on our idols. This is called monumentality.

Zhang Feng — new sculptor, Qiao Yong — Visual artist, Zheng Xiaofeng — Senior planner

At Yongkang Lu Art 47 - YK art space


Liu Lei

Hidemi Shimura

Roland Darjes

Roseless by Rose Tang
At Yongkang Lu Art 72 - YK art space (October 23 - December 5)

The work of Rose Tang is a study of the anonymous.

Rose Tang understands that the unknown facets of a subject’s life are as necessary to a portrait as shading and perspective. Shadowed pasts are not illuminated but, through her black and white images of gritty interiors and decaying emotional landscapes or passing family histories, simply referred to with compassionately given space. As Rose Tang’s body of work continues to grow, the shadows appearing in each frame begin to join through a collective culture that exists both in the artworks and outside in real-world China to portray the author, subject and country in their overall complexity. (by Pete Bradt)

curated by Zane Mellupe // exhibition in collaboration with island6

Open Closets by Wayne Salazar
At Yongkang Lu Art 47 (October 23 - November 15)

“Open Closets”

Social workers, sex workers, businessmen, drag queens. Men who meet for a moment of pleasure, men who commit to each other for life, men who marry women and have men on the side. These are the subjects of GAY SHANGHAI, an exhibit of photos and writing by Wayne Salazar at Yongkang Lu Art. This show presents the first public display of images and text from a book Salazar is creating about gay life in Shanghai. Come meet the artist in person and if you like, you too can be included in the project. Lalas and trannies especially welcome!

curated by Zane Mellupe

Visible Invisibles by Jason Maddock
At Yongkang Lu Art street
“Visible Invisibles”

When you look at people on the street what do you see, their age, their gender?  There is a population of people that only allow the world to see a part of who they are.  This series is about taking larger than life wooden portraits of gay Chinese out on the street to allow the public to interact with them.  The community now can playfully intermingle with a group of people that usually remain invisible.

curated by Zane Mellupe

Diary Reading by Robert Davis
At Yongkang Lu Art 72 - YK art space (23 October - 7:30 to 8:30 pm)
“Diary Reading”

There, he is sitting on a bench in Fuxing park. I passed him by three times, at 9.23am , 2.46pm and 8.12pm. He had been sitting there forever - I would like to think. But he brought his kids to school. And had a thought. He signed high-rise real estate contract. And had a thought. He cooked the dinner for his wife. And had a thought. (by Zane Mellupe)

wanted to be a... by Park Deok Sun & Tommy Kha
At Yongkang Lu Art 53
“wanted to be a...”

The exhibition features Park Deok Sun “ The law of frontality” and Tommy Kha’s "What's my line?"

curated by Darja Lin

Zhao Qian Sun Li by Fan Jiupeng
At Yongkang Lu Art 57 - ifa²gallery
    "Zhao Qian Sun Li"

Take “Pingze Hundred Family Surnames,” the pinyin tones of the over five hundred surnames constituted the long curve in the image. And the curve, just like the stock market in 2007, rises steadily. However, audiences who have the common knowledge of this Chinese piece should know that, “Hundred Family Surnames” was composed in Song Dynasty. The surname of the royal family was “Zhao;” understandable that it was listed first in the text. Therefore, the order of the surnames was by and large determined based on the statuses and populations of each particular surname.
Amid the steadily rising, prospering delusion hides conflicts of hierarchy; is it sufficient in telling the sentiment within it all?

curated by Alexis Kouzmine Karavaîeff and Darja Lin

Come, take a walk with me by Zane Mellupe, Krišs Salmanis and Kaspars Podnieks
At Yongkang Lu Art 10
Come, take a walk with me...

... takes us on an intimate journey of three Latvian artists' self-portraits.

City growing out of City by Roland Darjes
At Yongkang Lu Art 55
“City growing out of City”

...about the contrast of new and old...

MIOP artists collective presents Chinese fantasy _ Yiwu’s garden
one exhibition // 4 locations // one bus
Any forest contains inhabitants; any structure has interstices where the uncontrollable thing, the untidy thing, can permeate. The forest of plastic mutants lodges an invisible life only discovered by the nosy look of an anonymous voyeur. Tiny homunculus move around the undergrowth without noticing any observation, the infra-life develops in a somehow humorous way imitating the industrial-feverish activity of the smoky avenues.
“Green Studio”
at Ai art space
Live video projection, from August 27th to 28th, 2010
at SHIFT Gallery, from August 16th to August 29th, 2010
Intervention into the industrial container permanently placed in the Cool Docks. Public exhibition of the work in process on the plastic materials from Yiwu. From the 16th to the 29th august 2010 the container will be filled up with the majority of the plastic material brought from Yiwu and a stop motion video will be recorded during the process of transformation.
“The gardeners”
at Yongkang Lu Art 56, from August 28th to September 4th, 2010.
Series of photographs and a 7’ video performing the plastic plants production in Yiwu.
“The garden”
at YK art space, from August 28th to September 4th, 2010.
Installation of a plastic forest inside the gallery using the material transformed in the “Factory”. “Hell to Paradise / Paradise to Hell” will perform different characters who inhabitate this forest in ten screens camouflaged in the trees.
we know where we want to go-bu wen , bu wen
At Yongkang Lu Art 72 - YK art space (until 25 August)

A solo exhibition of Robert Davis

Like many people, I didn’t realize what it meant that Shanghai would host the world expo.

curated by Zane Mellupe

a short retrospective of COMPANY
At Yongkang Lu Art 47 - YK art space (until 26 August)

A short retrospective of COMPANY

Li Mu 李牧
Xu Zhe 徐喆
Tao Yi 陶轶
Zhao Junyuan 照骏园

COMPANY is a cross-border practical artist group that tries every possible way to get access to the public space. The artists express their understandings and feelings about the city directly to the public
by changing the order and state of the daily routine, and exploring the relationship between art and the city.

Returning to Chen Zhenfang Studio
At Yongkang Lu Art 72 - YK art space (until 19 August)
Returning to Chen Zhenfang Studio

Returning to Chen Zhenfang Studio

Before the birth of the Yongkang Lu Art, there was Chen Zhenfang’s studio on the narrow Yongkang Lu. Chen, now a woman in her 60s, once engaged in fashion design, Gua Sha treatment, housing rentals as well as other professions. She began painting as an older woman. Her paintings, of various styles, almost disappeared with the recent reconstruction of Yongkang Road.
This important exhibition, Chen’s first, is a great opportunity to become familiar with her work and transport the viewer once again to Chen Zhenfang’s studio that she gave up two years ago.
Zhang Lehua, a young video artist, began documenting Chen, her work and her interesting daily life from the summer of 2006. Four years later, Zhang is showing his documentary for the first time in conjunction with the debut exhibition "Returning to Chen Zhenfang Studio."

At Yongkang Lu Art 57 - ifa²gallery (until 31 August)
Sleeves - Dai Guangyu Solo Exhibition Skin - Dai Guangyu solo exhibition

Sleeves reveals the volatile nature of human beings and responds to the marginalized feminine art form.

curated by Cai Zhenxing and Zane Mellupe

Clothes by Dai Guangyu
At Yongkang Lu Art 40
Today I am your friend


A conceptual art piece by Maximilian Erbacher
opens in Shanghai, China following similar exhibitions in Munich, Germany 2009 and Pècs, Hungary 2010. The multilayered, time-based art project that takes place in public and private spaces negotiates the contradiction of being a friend for only a day.

Come by to Yongkang Lu 40 or call Maximilian and he will be there to do what a friend needs to do. Look for Max's phone number on flyers posted within a 3-5 kilometer radius of Yongkang lu.

Home Body Imaging
At Yongkang Lu Art 72 - YK art space (until 6 August) curated by Zane Mellupe
Home Body Imaging EXAMINATION
Doctors and photographers can both examine people’s bodies at a distance usually reserved for lovers. In Abby Robinson’s installation Home/Body Imaging, a doctor’s office morphs into a photo studio.  In her performative role as “Photo Practitioner” she investigates—at very close range--where the border between public and private became porous, where invasion couples with intimacy, where service collides with exchange, and the humorous mingles with the serious.

Anyone and everyone may participate.
All that’s required: come, sit in the waiting room and fill out a brief questionnaire; pick a spot on your body you’d like to have photographed and/or consult with the Photo Practitioner about what to select; sit/stand/squat/bend/lean/relax during a short photo session; and then wait to have your photo memento printed and assembled; leave with your VIP pass as a photo donor.

Home Body Imaging-artwork
20-80 km/h
At Yongkang Lu Art 64

20-80 Kilometers/H 

Presenting Huazi (real name: Wang Sheng), born in Shandong province, China.
Likes playing with writing and painting.  

At Yongkang Lu Art 47

the meaning is added

Christin Kalweit
Daniele Mattioli  
Wang Lin
Sha Qin   
Zhu Ye
Rose Tang
Guan Yiming  
Yang Xinsheng  
Zhou Zuyao  
Wang Zhengyu
Chen Yifeng
Pan Su  

Abstract 6 - and there were waters and mountains
At Yongkang Lu Art 72 - YK art space (until 25 July)
Abstract 6 and there were waters and moutains by Light Wave collective
Light Wave 光路社
is a collective of 6 professional Chinese photographers who have been working together since 2008 with a common perspective.  Coming from a background of painting, photojournalism, documentary photography and print making, they have experienced the various disciplines of visual communication, and have recently chosen a new one – abstract photography.
“Abstract 6 - and there were waters and mountains” is an exhibition that explores and discovers the rhythm of traditional Chinese Shanshui paintings in the city walls, plastic pollution, Chinese ink, soap bubbles, paper and clouds.

管一明 Guan Yiming, 杨信生 Yang Xinsheng, 周祖尧 Zhou Zuyao, 王振宇 Wang Zhenyu, 陈忆风 Chen Yifeng, 潘溯 Pan Su

curator: Zane Mellupe
Black Mountain (Wang Zhenyu)
At Yongkang Lu Art 59 - ifa gallery & one white cherry tree with a flag on the road
fist by 刘勃麟Liu Bolin & More

Two tigers, two tigers,
Run so fast, run so fast,
One has no ears,
One has no tail,
So strange! So strange!

Red Hand 8 (Liu Bolin)
The Rise of No Revolt
At Yongkang Lu Art 64
The Rise of No Revolt

A residency show of the German artist Konstantin Bayer:

object works
Fish Tank (Konstantin Bayer)
one white cherry tree with a flag on the road & Yongkang lu Art residency program
with special thanks to island6 arts center and Eigenheim Gallery.
by Daniele Mattioli
0 1 0 BLUE

In the 11th century, Chinese scholar and philosopher Shao Yong developed a method for arranging the hexagrams, corresponding to the sequence 0 to 63, and represented in binary numbers as 0 for Yin and 1 for Yang.
The endless combinations of the binary numeral system equals to a discovery of endless answers, which are hidden and revealed in Zhu Ye (Shanghai) paintings and Li Xiaohua (Inner Mongolia) sculptures. There is you and not you. There is concreteness and abstractness. There is everything and nothing at all.

Artists featured:
Zhu Ye (朱晔) – Acrylic on canvas
Li Xiaohua (李晓华) – Mixed media sculptures

an exhibition curated by Zane Mellupe
S.M.S. (Shanghai Mobile Suit)

"We are a group of people highly passionate about the epic Japanese animation “Mobile Suit Gundam” which emerged at the end of 1970s. As the animation celebrates its 31st birthday in 2010, we would like to commemorate the great work which have influenced several generations by adapting it into a highly expressive COSPLAY, to express our ardent love and respect for the work."

Luo as CHAR
RongRong as GARM
Lao Ka as GILLEN
Xuan Zi as ZAKU

72 Yongkang Lu from 83 to 40 Yongkang Lu
Asphalt Concrete c-individuals aQuarium

Asphalt Concrete

At Yongkang Lu Art 83
one white cherry tree with a flag on the road

Who pays the hidden costs of growth?
This exhibition explores in detail the pressures put on individuals, families and communities through different artistic mediums, and from local and foreign artists?perspectives. From recent scandals to ever present problems, the artist unique approach tells us for once in a while to take a deep breath and consider where we currently stand.

The exhibition presents:
Lei Hua (CN)
Sha Qin (CN)
Virginie Lerouge Knight (FR)
Wang Lin (CN)
Daniele Mattioli (IT)
Zane Mellupe (LV)
Kaspars Podnieks (LV)
Krišs Salmanis (LV)
Rose Tang (CN)

curated by Zane Mellupe

C Individuals by Christophe Demaitre and Christin Kalweit

At Yongkang Lu Art 72
YK art space

C individuals - sea individuals - see individuals -
is an exhibition of the artworks of Christophe Demaitre (Be) and Christin Kalweit (De). The exhibition reveals two different approaches of the perception of interaction between an individual and a crowd.
Christophe has focused his work on portraying the crowd as a singular individual mass. The principal of his vision is to suggest that all individual elements assume equal importance. There is no central control and no autonomy within his composition.
Christin’s work is highlighting the different individual emotional relationships that occur within a confluence.  She draws particular attention to the unique elements of the singular individual, whether it is their emotions, mood, behavior or creations. She reveals the interaction between the singular entities in order to show the greater unity.

curated by Zhu Ye and Zane Mellupe

aQuarium by Liu Dao

At Yongkang Lu Art 47
island6 shack

“Shush” she said and met herself for the 1389th time.

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