Yongkang Lu Art is located on the east side of Yongkang Lu, in the former French concession of Shanghai, at the junction of Xiangyang Nan Lu and Jiashan Lu, between Mingyuan Art Center and Shanghai Arts and Crafts Museum.

The former vegetable market street has been redeveloped in 2009 by the architects Platform-Yonkangli.

Early 2010, the artist-curator Zane Mellupe opened five spontaneous art spaces, including the gallery YK art space, and created Yongkang Lu Art, a new platform for contemporary art, organising exhibitions and performances.

Additionnaly, the street offers some pottery classes at Hahani.
Summer 2010, ifa gallery opened another space in Yongkang Lu Art, ifa²gallery, showcasing artists represented by the gallery since its establishment in Shanghai in 2006.

art galleries

YK art space ifa²gallery
72 Yongkang Lu 57 Yongkang Lu

independant art spaces

Yongkang Lu Art 64
Yongkang Lu Art 47
Yongkang Lu Art 40


Hahani pottery classes
39-41 Yongkang Lu