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Bayer, Konstantin (DE)
Chen Zhenfang (CN)
Dai Guangyu (CN)
Darjes, Roland (DE)
Davis, Robert (US)
Demaitre, Christophe (BE)
Erbacher, Maximilian (DE)
Fan Jiupeng (CN)
Gu Qingwen (CN)
Hidemi Shimura (JP)
Kalweit, Christin (DE)
Lei Hua (CN)
Lerouge-Knight, Virginie (FR)
Li Xiaohua (CN)
Light Wave (CN)
Liu Bolin (CN)
Liu Lei (CN)
Lu Jun (CN)
Kha, Tommy (US)
Liu Dao (CN)
Maddock, Jason
Mattioli, Daniele (IT)
Mellupe, Zane (LV)
Nguyễn Minh Thành (VN)
Nguyễn Quang Huy (VN)
Park Deok Sun (KR)
Podnieks, Kaspars (LV)
Robinson, Abby (US)
S.M.S (CN)
Salazar, Wayne (US)
Salmanis, Krišs (LV)
Sha Qin (CN)
Shen Lin (CN)
Tang, Rose (TW)
Wang Lin (CN)
Wang Sheng (CN)
Xu Yihan (CN)
Zhangfeng, Qiao Yong, Zheng Xiaofeng (CN)
Zhang Lehua (CN)
Zhu Ye (CN)

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Community Hospital Exhibition

on yuyuanlu 1086

Vernissage Saturday 5th September 2015

the birth of a 'myth' the house coding
Flag Art Residency Program is an international residency program developed by YK Art in partnership with island6 that was established in 2008.

Since 2015 Residency has been run in cooperation with WhyWhy Art.

The residency program is dedicated to support art and new forms of communication.

The selection of resident artists is based on portfolio and project proposal reviews.

Flag Art offers to artists, curators, writers, musicians, choreographers, actors... a place to develop, produce and exhibit various site specific art projects in Shanghai and Greater China.

Flag Art residency has added a new location Yuyuanlu 1086.

For inquiries contact: contact@yongkanglu-art.com or info@whywhyart.com
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